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The dope idea here is to take the TikTok platform — it being solely video focused and its content being largely entertainment based — and leveraging its mass appeal with Gen Z to deliver fresh daily entertaining news content.

In other words, TikTok is now the TV. And you are its News Channel — or more specifically its News Anchor.

As an individual, it’d be super easy to be the “sports anchor” or “weather anchor” in your local market and simply reproduce that news content as a TikTok everyday.

Essentially, this frees you from the most difficult part of news content creation — the research, any investigative reporting, fact checking, editing, and the like — and allows you to purely focus on just the delivery of the TikTok. Easy!

Where this idea however starts to quickly scale in opportunity is when you begin to aggregate multiple News Channels / News Anchors together — and combine its total audience reach.

An audience that’s engaged in your daily news content will come back regularly.

So instead of adopting the typical influencer sponsorship monetization model — the plan here is to capitalize on your total combined daily audience reach and monetize as any other news channel would — sell in exactly the same way as a regularly televised news station broadcast.

Sell across the Monday to Friday morning slot for your morning broadcasts. Sell across the two-day Weekend morning slot. Do the same for midday broadcasts. Across the evening news slot. You get the picture!

It really doesn’t get any easier than this. It’s a proven audience + advertising model that automagically scales up in revenue as the views do. Plain and simple.

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